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“Gau Seva Dham” was established in june 2013 by The Grace of Devi Chitralekha ji,Founder of ‘World Sankirtan Tour Trust’ . In Gau Seva Dham hospital  all type of medical facilities such as X-Ray, Ultra sound, Operation Theater  and ICU for the treatment of Gau mata will provided by the Trust. A complete team of Veterinary Doctors and assistants will available 24 hours for Gau treatment. Our Veterinary Ambulance will pickup injured Gau mata to the hospilal for a better treatment . All the medical treatment given to Gau mata is free of cost.

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Album :- Sankirtan
Track :- 10
Media Type :- CD
MRP:- Rs 35*/-

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Devi ji Sandesh

It would be better to live in this world by begging than to live at the cost of the lives of great souls who are my teachers. Even though desiring worldly gain, they are sueriors. If they killed, every thing we enjoy will be tainted with blood. (Ch.2 Text 5)

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